My Christmas Thoughts for this Year 2011

When I was a child, I’m always excited when I hear about Christmas and when it’s near the world seems to have full of wonderful things that are happening and about to happen around. The wind was cold, Christmas songs could be heard almost everywhere, houses, buildings and streets were decorated by colorful lanterns, people were playing Christmas songs and everybody were busy preparing for Christmas.

As years pass by, the world seems to be focused more on economic growth which resulted to sudden change or forgot some of the many traditions that we used to practice. Together with the economic progress is the drastic change of the climate. The population of unemployed Filipinos has doubled and keeps on increasing every year. Our natural resources turn out to be insufficient and most of it can’t be acquired for free. Some government officials and rich people are becoming more aggressive in doing their self-regard driven jobs. Many workers local and abroad are treated unrightfully; in fact, some are not getting what are lawfully theirs.

Today, there are many tall buildings, resorts, luxury cars, sumptuous foods, extravagant parties and expensive gadgets. However, the saddest reality behind these things is that many of our fellow Filipinos are starving to death. Where, for them each day is survival and Christmas is just for those who are employed, “balik-bayan” (working abroad), and business owners. Few days ago, another heartbreaking disaster had hit our fellow Filipinos in the southern part of the Philippines. Many lives and belongings were vanished. Until now rescue units of our AFP are still searching for the missing corpses. This is another sad moment for us this year.

While Christmas is coming, let’s ponder. Let’s ask ourselves how far we’ve travelled to reach our current destinations. How many innocent people we’ve sent to danger by being irresponsible? How many poor people we’ve deceived to make us rich? Definitely, there are more questions that we need to ask to ourselves in order for us to understand how greedy we are for the things which are not really for us. As famous actor, Will Smith said “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” Indeed, this is true and most of us doing it nowadays.

This Christmas, let’s be more openhanded and understanding with each other. Our Lord Jesus Christ had taught us to love our fellow not to love the things which are in their possessions. We are fortunate because, the Lord keeps on letting us to feel His everlasting love. So we must do the same thing to our fellow, we must love them as our Lord Jesus loves us. Let us share to them the spirit of the Lord’s birth. Jesus is Love. Christmas is the beginning of Love. Even how simplest our celebration will be and whatever food we will have on top of our table during Christmas, whether we are at the house or on the street the important is that we have Jesus in our hearts.

May our hearts be filled with love this Christmas. Happy Christmas to all of us.

“Someone can be truly happy when giving, if he has “love” in his heart.” 🙂

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